Counselling Services

Clients will be assigned to a counsellor who is best suited in terms of training and experience to journey with them. Counselling goals will be set together with the clients and the progress of the counselling journey will be monitored regularly to ensure that clients’ goals are met. Depending on the nature and severity of the presenting problem and the progress of counselling, sessions may be held on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. With clients’ consent, sessions may involve family members if the counsellor sees the benefits of conducting family sessions to address the issue/s.

  • Individual Counselling

  • Family Counselling

Corporate Services

Our Corporate Services are specialised employee assistance plan services that we offer to select organisations. These offerings include quality counselling services, workshops and talks. We aim to help the employees of these organisations to strengthen their social-mental well-being and co-develop strategies with them to work on specific areas in their lives.

Employees of such organisations who would like to seek counselling help from us would need to complete this form to indicate their interests.

  • Counselling Services

  • Workshops & Talks

Workshops /Talks

Our workshops and talks cover a range of contemporary and relevant issues related to soul care, family life, and people care. These include topics such as mental health first-aid, child resilience, parent-child bonding, marriage enrichment and coping with aging and dementia. Workshops and talks are conducted by qualified counsellors, social workers, or psychologists.  Topics can be customized according to client needs. Please refer to our events page for more details.

  • Soul-care or self-care (e.g., Coping with Depression, Emotion Regulation Skills)

  • Family life (e.g., Child Resilience, Parent-child Bonding, Marriage Enrichment)

  • People care (e.g., Mental Health First-aid, Basic Counselling Skills)

Marital Preparation and Marital Enrichment

The Pre-Marital Counselling (PMC) course is specially catered for couples who are preparing to get married.  It is also beneficial for married couples who have not attended PMC before.  In this course, we cover topics such as personality differences, roles of husband and wife, building intimacy, communication, conflict resolution, parenting, and managing finances. To help couples have a better understanding of themselves and one another, the Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA) assessment is administered before the course. The couple will have an individual session with the counsellor to go through the analysis which highlights areas of strengths and possible areas for the couple to work on. The course is taught by a multidisciplinary team of qualified professionals who are experienced in helping couples build strong relationships and commitment for marriage.

  • Personality Difference

  • Role of Husband & Wife

  • Building Intimacy

  • Communication

  • Conflict resolution

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request for counselling outside the APICC operating hours?2023-03-30T10:31:39+08:00

APICC offers appointments that include weekday evenings and weekends without additional charge. This is done to accommodate your availability. We will, unfortunately, not be able to offer sessions beyond our published operating hours.

Can I request to change the counselling location? Can I have the counselling done at home?2023-03-30T10:31:51+08:00

APICC only offers counselling at our published location as this has been selected for your privacy.

Does APICC provide counselling for children and youths?2023-03-30T10:32:00+08:00

At APICC, counselling sessions with children (primary school and below) are typically done together with their parents as the support of parents in the counselling process is a key ingredient to the success of therapy.  We can offer youths individual sessions.

What differentiate APICC from other counselling services?2023-03-30T10:32:10+08:00
  • APICC comprises qualified counsellors, social workers, and psychologists who have worked in a variety of healthcare and community agencies. The service is led by professionals that have taken on supervisory roles in various institutions offering training to future counsellors, social workers and psychologists. The multidisciplinary team of counsellors, social workers, and psychologists at APICC provides a unique blend of expertise to address both personal mental health and family relationship concerns.
  • APICC can offer evidence-based counselling and faith-based counselling services that are consistent with a client’s needs and requests.
  • We understand that your concerns may require more urgent attention and are committed to a first appointment within 2 weeks from the first contact.
  • APICC offers counselling sessions on weekday evenings and weekends without additional charge.
What should I expect from my first session?2023-03-30T10:32:18+08:00

In your first session (intake session), your counsellor will find out about the concerns you have in order to provide you with a preliminary assessment of the issue/s and give you individualised recommendations about what can be done. The counsellor will explore topics such as personal and family history, current ways of coping with the problem, and clinical history. Such an assessment is needed to better understand how the issue/s developed and to offer you informed recommendations. Our recommendations could include a course of individual or family therapy at APICC, or referrals to other community agencies or tertiary psychology services depending on your specific area/s of need.

Can I change my counsellor if I am uncomfortable to share my experience/thoughts with the assigned counsellor?2023-03-30T10:32:27+08:00

Yes, you may request for a change and we will get in touch with you.

How many sessions will I need?2023-03-30T10:32:36+08:00

Your counsellor will be the best person to answer this question after he/she has gotten to know you and your issue/s better.

How long does one session last?2023-03-30T10:33:01+08:00

Sessions usually last for 60 minutes

What to expect for the initial session?2023-03-30T10:33:10+08:00

For the initial 1-2 sessions, your counsellor will be getting to know you and your issue/s better to help him/her make an assessment.

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