The API Care & Counselling offers workshops and talks cover a range of contemporary and relevant issues related to lifespan development. These include topics such as essentials of counselling, mental health first-aid, child resilience, parent-child bonding, marriage enrichment and coping with aging and dementia. Workshops and talks are conducted by senior counsellors or medical professionals to ensure quality, and tailored topics can be arranged for corporate clients. We have also conducted events such as walk-for-rice to bring community together to walk together and contribute rice for needy families and individuals.



“It provides practical steps on how to help people with mental health issues, especially suicide prevention. The complex mental concepts are also explained into easier words for layman to understand.” – on 10 Apr 2020

Mental Health First Aid workshop, Participant

“It was a full class and many shared freely. I learnt from them their experiences, that was GOOD.” – on 29 July 2019

Mental Health First Aid workshop, Participant

“The speaker is very knowledgeable and engaging. There is good interaction and participation with the participants.” –  on 29 September 2019 

Preventing Dementia for Older Adults workshop, Participant

“The workshop teaches about the importance of a good relationship with children and students as a basis to build resilience. I like the questionnaires provided.” –  on 2 November 2019

Helping Children Build Resilience workshop, Participant

“Provides a reflective environment to think about future options, used a good personality model to link to career exploration.” on 19 January 2019

Career Profiling Workshop, Participant

“Questionnaire on our love languages was most useful for me. It has helped me to find out I have misread my daughter secondary love languages all these years. My perception of her response was totally different from what [she] actually responded to the questionnaire.” on 9 January 2018

Parent Child Bonding Workshop, Participant

“Activity based and done together with children and family. Learning with fun and self discovery.” on 9 January 2018

Parent Child Bonding Workshop, Participant