The team offers a unique blend of diverse professional experiences and expertise in clinical and pastoral counselling, psychological and social work practice. Each of our counsellors, psychologists, and social workers comes with many years of experience working in a variety of corporate, healthcare, and community settings. Each team member is also trained in multiple disciplines and is capable of spanning the secular and spiritual spaces. Together as a team, we offer a wide range of specialisations that can be resourced to meet the complex needs of individuals and communities.

Our senior counsellors, psychologists and social workers have taken on supervisory roles in institutional, community, and consultancy programmes and projects. Professionally, they are registered with the Singapore Association for Counselling (SAC), Singapore Psychological Society (SPS), or with the Singapore Association of Social Workers (SASW).

The team also draws on our senior counsellors who have extensive experience in human resource development and management, education and human development, and pastoral care and counselling. Together, we provide a unique blend of wholistic care to address the range of personal mental health and family relationship concerns, as well as career and pastoral counselling needs.

Dr. David Jeremiah Seah, Senior Counsellor

PhD (Business & Management), MA (Education & Human Development), GradDiploma (Personnel Management), MA (Intercultural), BDiv

I am academically trained in cross-disciplinary integration. My education includes theology (BDiv, Trinity Theological College, Singapore), personnel management (GDipPMgt, SIM, Singapore), intercultural studies (MA, Fuller SWM, Pasadena, USA), education and human development (MA, The George Washington University, Washington DC) and business and management (PhD, University of South Australia).

I coach, mentor and consult with business, church, and missionary leaders. Successful executives I mentor include a regional managing director of an international bank and a group director (corporate services) of a government statutory board. I am equally adept in educational and career counselling and have actively directed career switches that enhanced self-actualisation, resulting in greater job satisfaction and significant increases in compensation. One vital area of work I have a passion for is the holistic well-being of pastors and ministry staff.

I am the founder of the Asian Pastoral Institute and The Tabernacle Church & Missions. I have pioneered the integration of spirituality and secularity for the marketplace to provide training, development and education for the third world poor. My leadership responsibilities extend beyond the development of the above-mentioned organisations’ staff and faculty in Singapore, including those in Thailand, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

Area of Expertise
Career counselling, inner healing and deliverance, pastoral counselling to pastors and ministry staff, spiritual direction, organizational transformation, human resource development, spirituality and leadership.

Dr. Loke Keng Choong, Counselling Psychologist

PhD (Applied Psychology), MA (Applied Psychology), MDiv, MA (Biblical Studies), BA

I currently work as a counselling psychologist in a government ministry, having 20 years of counselling experience in various settings, including social service and healthcare sectors. The spectrum of individuals I have worked with ranges from adolescents to senior adults. While life circumstances can at times become overwhelming for people, I have seen many who have taken the necessary steps towards recovery despite what seemed at first like insurmountable obstacles.

As a psychologist, I am passionate about helping people to manage their emotional issues and enhance their psychological well-being. I work collaboratively with clients using a wide repertoire of evidence-based therapy skills and techniques, such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, Reality Therapy, Motivational Interviewing as well as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I am registered with the Singapore Association for Counselling as a registered counsellor, and with the Singapore Psychological Society as a registered psychologist. In addition, I am registered as a clinical supervisor with these two professional bodies.

My extensive training includes a Master of Arts in Applied Psychology and a PhD in Applied Psychology at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University. The professional education is complemented with prior theological training for pastoral work when I completed a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies at Singapore Bible College, and a Master of Divinity at East Asia School of Theology. I am volunteering at APICC as a way to contribute to the community.

Area of Expertise

Depression, anxiety, stress, obsessive compulsive behaviours, phobias, insomnia, adjustment issues, grief, faith and spirituality

Dr. Steven Tham Chee Kin, Senior Counsellor

PhD (Psychology), MSocSc (Counselling), MDiv, MA (Biblical Studies), BEng

My 20 years of experience covers a variety of issues such as marital and family conflicts, sexuality issues, work stress, anxiety, depression, and grief. I have witnessed first-hand that many of these life challenges can be addressed and sometimes resolved with appropriate and timely support. Prior to that, I worked at the Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association focusing on youths and adults who were struggling with drug addiction and drug-related issues. I was also responsible for conducting group work such as support groups and the development and evaluation of rehabilitation programmes. I also provided clinical supervision to lead counsellors and senior counsellors.

I am a registered counsellor and clinical supervisor with the Singapore Association for Counselling.  My current practice is now informed by a wide variety of counselling modalities such as Family Systems Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing. I also obtained the Professional Certificate in Management of Family Violence: Intervention in Family Violence Cases. I am also certified to conduct Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA).

I graduated with a PhD in Psychology from Walden University, majoring in social psychology.  I completed my Master of Social Science (Counselling) at the University of South Australia and have also completed a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies at Singapore Bible College and Master of Divinity at the East Asian School of Theology. This training has prepared me to address issues of faith and spirituality with clients from diverse faith backgrounds.

Area of Expertise
Marital and family issues, parenting, youth and adult substance addiction, adjustment difficulties, anxiety, depression, grief, faith and spirituality.

Joseph Chan, Senior Social Worker

EdD (studies), Master (Social Work), MA (Pastoral Studies), GradDiploma (Social Work), BPsy, BBA

I have worked in the social service sector for more than 20 years and this experience has helped me gain counselling expertise in individual and family-related issues. In my time as a social worker and head of a Family Service Centre, I have seen the impact that conflictual family relationships, addictions, and financial issues can have on family life. Prior to my work with families, I also had the experience of heading the Family Resource Centre and working with ex-offenders in their personal rehabilitation journeys. Between 2016 and 2018, I had the privilege to have chaired the Family Violence Work Group for Ang Mo Kio Region, under the initiative of the Ministry of Social and Family Development.

To upskill and specialise, I have embarked on my Doctor of Education in Community Care and Counselling with Liberty University, USA. I completed my Master of Social Work at the Singapore University of Social Sciences and a Graduate Diploma in Social Work from the National University of Singapore. I have also obtained a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) from James Cook University. Prior to that, I completed a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies at the Asian Pastoral Institute.

I am a registered social worker of the Singapore Association of Social Workers. Some of the counselling approaches I employ include Family Systems Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, and Emotion Focused Therapy. I am trained in the Gottman Method Couples Therapy (Level 3) and use it in my work with couples. I believe that couples that cultivate good relationships build strong families which, in turn, develop strong communities.

Area of Expertise
Marital issues, family violence, parenting, offender rehabilitation, drug/gambling addiction, disability issues, faith and spirituality.

Dr. Matthew Lim, Clinical Psychologist

DClinPsy, DPhil (Psychiatry), BSocSc (Hons)

I am a registered clinical psychologist in both the United Kingdom and Singapore. I have completed a doctorate by research in Psychiatry at Oxford University, and a professional doctorate in clinical psychology at University College London. My clinical, supervisory and consultancy work draws on various psychotherapeutic approaches including behavioural, cognitive, acceptance-based, and systemic psychotherapies.

I have worked in a variety of inpatient and outpatient psychology services in London and Singapore, and currently offer psychotherapy services at a local public hospital supporting adults with low moods and heightened stress and anxiety levels. In my clinical work, I have observed a recurring theme of people’s pursuit for self-understanding and the relief that comes with making sense of the emotional pains that everyone experiences from time to time.

Throughout my career, I have worked with adults of diverse ethnicities, faiths, and backgrounds, including those struggling with insecurity or exhaustion related to overwhelming life demands, recurring relationship difficulties,  and self-harm. I also provide clinical consultations to adults experiencing unbearable grief due to relationship breakups, bereavement, and other significant losses.

In addition to my clinical work, I serve as a senior lecturer in clinical psychology at a local university and have successfully published several academic papers in international peer-reviewed journals on cognitive vulnerabilities for psychological ill-health. I have received both an early-career award and a teaching excellence award for my contributions to the field.

Furthermore, I have been invited to serve on the sub-committee in the Singapore Psychological Society that manages the Singapore register of psychologists. As a passionate advocate for social justice and inclusion, I am now leveraging my academic and professional expertise to support counselling training in Asia and raise the community’s understanding and access to psychological treatments.

Area of Expertise

Stress management, phobias and anxiety, panic attacks, depressed mood, self-harm, insomnia, loss and grief, behavioural change, mental wellness, interpersonal effectiveness, faith and spirituality.

Lim Cheng Yong, Clinical Psychologist

MPsy (Clinical), MA (Pastoral Studies), BPsy (Hons), BSc, PGDip (Education)

I currently work as a clinical psychologist with a public hospital. I work with a wide age range of concerns presented by both outpatients and inpatients. These include anxiety, depression, insomnia, and those coping with grief from loss, amongst other mental health difficulties. My main psychotherapy modalities are Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. I believe in integrating different modalities and various evidence-based approaches to meet the unique mental health needs of the people I serve.

I had served as an educator in the Singapore education system for 30 years. Specifically, I had the opportunity of overseeing student development and character development. Through the varied and rich experience of providing education and career guidance, and coaching to youths, I developed a keen sense of their developmental needs, challenges and aspirations. Through counselling, I have been enriched by journeying with them in their emotional and behavioural concerns. In my training at the National Kidney Foundation, I worked with patients who have experienced multiple losses and anger management. I had also administered some common neuropsychological assessments and provided psychotherapy at a university psychology clinic.

Area of Expertise

Sleep management, Sleep disorders, anxiety, depression, mental well-being, education and career guidance, facilitation of adult learning

Lim Eng Chuan, Counsellor

EdD (studies), MSocSc (Counselling), MBA, MA (Pastoral Studies), BSc

Over the last ten years, I have counselled families with problems of child raising and couples with marital issues. These couples are mainly in their forties. Although couples may be successful in their careers, they sometimes struggle to stay married. I have also counselled MBA students facing anxieties, stress, and low self-esteem. We live in a fast-changing world that demands continuous adjustments and adaptations. In my vocation, I have taught people how to make the necessary adjustments. My work has taken me to India, China and various South-East Asian countries. I have also lived three years in the United Kingdom. Through this experience, I am well able to appreciate both Eastern and Western cultures.

As for my training, I graduated from Singapore Polytechnic with a diploma in Mechanical Engineering. I served actively in the student community and was elected President of the Student Union. In my National Service years, I served as recruit in combat engineering, and was awarded the best recruit at platoon and battalion levels. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde, UK, and a Masters in Business Administration from the same University. I am now an adjunct lecturer of this MBA programme. In more recent years, I completed a Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies from the Asian Pastoral Institute, and a Master of Social Science (Professional Counselling) from Swinburne University, Australia. To keep myself abreast of professionalism, I have embarked on my Doctor of Education in Community Care and Counselling with Liberty University, USA.

Area of Expertise

People leadership; problem-solving and decision making; communication and influencing; coaching; mentoring and counselling on marital, family and emotional issues.

Esther Tay, Counsellor

Master (Counselling), BDiv

My cross-cultural experience through working in Thailand for 12 years has given me a deeper appreciation of how people’s history, language, and ethnicity give meaning to their lives and shape their identity. I returned to Singapore to pursue formal counselling training with Monash University (Singapore) to develop my professional competencies in Counselling.

My counselling training gave me the opportunity to work with young adults in a local university who were struggling to find their way through a competitive and stressful academic environment. My work also involves helping couples prepare for marriage and older adults who struggle with challenges that life transitions bring.

Prior to my Master of Counselling at Monash University (Singapore), I completed a Bachelor of Divinity at Trinity Theological College. I am also certified to conduct Taylor-Johnson Temperament Analysis (T-JTA) and PREPARE/ENRICH couple assessment.

Area of Expertise
Youth anxiety and depression, older adult issues, adjustments to aging, faith and spirituality.


Through API Care & Counselling, I did not just have someone to hear or understand my depression, I received personalised therapeutic interventions that improved my overall sense of well-being and better quality of life. My counsellor has always been patient during our sessions. She is knowledgeable and provides practical coping strategies to help me manage my emotions in a sustainable manner. She also checks in with me between sessions to provide guidance and ensure I am fine.

My counsellor has helped me to reflect and understand the root cause of my problem through the counselling sessions. He has also helped me to work out practical ways to overcome my problem and ensure that I do not fall back to my old ways. Besides my problem, he also shows concerns for other areas of my life to provide holistic care for me.

Client, Counselling